#CURATE: 5 Practical Ideas To Keep Your Creativity Flowing

I strongly believe that I was born with the most complex imagination. Because at six years old, I wasn’t just playing with my Barbie dolls… I was holding newspapers.

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FLATLAY DREAMS: Letters To My Children

My mom used to write letters to me, ever since she found out that she was pregnant. Here’s an excerpt from her very first letter. May 17, 1993 Dear Baby, This morning, I went to have a pregnancy test, and that’s how I learned about you. You’re a miracle, anak. Mommy’s uterus was diagnosed to […]

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I Overcame My Creative Block and Here’s Why I Choose To #StayCreative

Early this year, I had the WORST creative block in my life. I couldn’t write, sketch, style, or even sing (in the shower). I was depressed and in a bad dump. Thankfully, I was able to bounce back (I’ll share with you the full detailed plot soon). Those dark moments in my life actually pushed […]

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