Akala mo yun na, pero di pala

Have you ever had experienced the, “Akala mo yun na, pero di pala?”

I was supposed to relaunch my website last August. But, suddenly I had to shift my focus to more necessary things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, and I still wish to continue to pursue this art. However, since the birth of my new business venture with my best friend, it’s been a struggle to juggle everything at the same time.

Akala ko ito na yung “THIS IS IT” moment ko, with my website, but I wasn’t ready yet.
And it’s ok! I felt that I was able to give birth to three things:

1. Being a boss of my own life
I’m used to asking the opinions of my team, before I spearhead a project. But since my bestfriend lets me handle the creative department of our business, I am my team. I’ve been learning to decide on everything. Whether it be the color choice, font, caption, or even the look of our brand. 
I’ve never experienced that before! Nakakatuwa. Super heart heart emoji, bes. I feel so free creatively, and I’m so happy that I get to be myself in my brand. Hodgepodgemnl = me. 

This has also helped me embrace who I am as an artist. Before, I used to be so afraid of what people thought of me. But what these past months have been teaching me is to just EMBRACE me. I’m jologs and simple af and masungit and that’s ok. That’s me.

2. Being open to anything 
I’m used to following my own schedule. As in, naloloka ako kung di siya nasusunod. But when I went to Bangkok, me and my friend toured the city with adjustable intinerary, and I felt so free.

I learned to embrace spontaneity, and just go with the flow. I quit my day job to pursue my dream of being a freelance writer, BUT I never knew I had a much bigger dream. And that is building my own empire. Empire state of mind lang talaga bes!? Alicia Keys and Jay Z yoooo.

3. Learning how to be kind and patient everyday.

I’m not a saint. I may look like one (hala siya), but I’m not. I don’t like interacting with too much drama and I usually detach myself from people. However, through my businesses, God has been teaching me to be kind and patient everyday. 
Pag may makulit na buyer

Or may buyer na inaaway ako

Or may gustong mag pa discount pero wala naman akong mabigay na discount..
My response has been kindness. And I’m realizing that this kind of kindness is what Jesus Christ gives us every day. ❤️ Let’s spread that kind of love towars our kapwa mamshies. 

Ayun lang besh! Sana nainspire ka today. 

Much love,


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