Breaking the Feed

I barely post selfies (or anything about my personal life) on Instagram because I want to focus on my art. But as I’ve gone through the strict minimalist theme and white color scheme, I realized that first and foremost, “I am my art.” 
Latey, I’ve been asking a lot of questions about my purpose and my existence. And although everything is still overwhelming, I feel like the first step to know more about me is to actually accept “me.”

It’s to accept that my life isn’t picture perfect like my grid on Instagram. It’s to reveal that my breakfast isn’t as #onpoint as my flatlays. It’s to showcase who I am, without boundaries.

So here I am, flaws and all. Ready to add new “content” in my life. I want to be more real and more “me” through my platforms, even if I hate it. Because at the end of the day, the journey to self realization is through self acceptance. 

Thank you for the love and support.


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