FLATLAY DREAMS: Letters To My Children


My mom used to write letters to me, ever since she found out that she was pregnant. Here’s an excerpt from her very first letter.

May 17, 1993

Dear Baby,

This morning, I went to have a pregnancy test, and that’s how I learned about you. You’re a miracle, anak. Mommy’s uterus was diagnosed to have complications that could cause a difficult probability of pregnancy. But, our God is good, and He made a way. 

Hang in there baby, your dad and I love you very much.


Fast forward to 2016, her miracle baby is now 23 years old. A writer like her, and a strong and passionate artist. Who would have ever thought?  The unconditional love of a parent is unexplainable!

#LettersToMyChildren is a collection of delightful and heartwarming letters written by 35 parents.

P295, Summit Books, all National bookstores nationwide.

Styling and Photography: Flatlay Dreams by Bea Perdigon / Flowers: Kasa Ko PH / Book: Summit Books


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