#CURATE: 5 Practical Ideas To Keep Your Creativity Flowing

I strongly believe that I was born with the most complex imagination. 

Because at six years old, I wasn’t just playing with my Barbie dolls… I was holding newspapers.

And no, I wasn’t reading it! I was actually looking for great photos to use for my “artworks.” Back then, I called my newspaper clippings “art” because to me, it was just so beautiful. It felt like a  series of stories all rolled up into one huge burrito.

And through that odd past time of mine,it confirmed one thing: I loved telling stories. Thus, it fueled me to be a writer. Because a writer lives so many lives. A writer has so many things to say. So, what other profession could I have, right?

At 22 years old, I am beyond grateful to be able to live my dream everyday. Sometimes, I even just pause, to remember where I started and how hard I’ve worked to keep my creativity running.

However, through the years of being an employed writer, I realized that maintaining your creativity is not an easy task. I believe that writing is an art form that includes your soul. So when you write an article everyday, you will eventually get burned out, if you don’t feed your being.

So how do you maintain the spark? How do you keep that va-va-voom in your creativity?

Here are five important lessons I learned on #stayingcreative:

1.People watch!

Observation is key. Every week, I sit alone in a coffee shop and create scenarios in my head about the people around me. Through my observations and my eavesdropping, I was able to make six major characters for my next teleserye airing soon. Charot, lang guys! But seriously, through people watching you exercise your mind and you get to imagine. That’s, the best part!


If you encounter a girl wearing a winter jacket in Manila, you can’t just assume that she’s not from here. The answers can be…

a. She dreams of going to New York one day, so a winter jacket reminds her to live her dream everyday.

b. She’s a radical fashionista. She doesn’t want to be associated to other bloggers. So she’s pulling off a Sia.

c. She’s on her way to an important job interview but her dress got stained so she covered it with a winter jacket.

So many things. The crazier the idea, the better!

2. Try something new

Life tends to be a routine from time to time. So to prevent that feeling of emptiness, you have to try new things! It doesn’t have to be those extreme things like skydiving or booking a one way trip to another country. You can actually start small! Meet new people. Join a new club. Try a new hobby. There are so many things you can do!

When I had my creative block, I guess flatlaying was the best outlet for me to try. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors, and he always does the Bird’s-Eye View in his films. So I guess that’s where I got it. And look how that ‘hobby’ changed me. Now, I have collaboration deals for flatlaydreams. I wouldn’t get those if I didn’t try.

3. Meditate in the morning

I swear by this! When I wake up, the first thing I do is reflect. My morning ritual consists of: a cup of coffee, a nice book, and a notepad. For the first 30 minutes, I write my goals for the day. Then, I proceed to reading a few pages from my motivational books. (I’ll be sharing my faves, soon!)

You have to start your morning with optimism and confidence. If you think about bad thoughts before going to school or work, tendency is you’ll feel down the whole day! Trust me, I know. I’ve been more relaxed lately because I always put this to practice!

4. Surround yourself with insightful people

I can’t be friends with anyone. That’s the real deal. I never won those Ms. Friendly awards because I was so selectively social. But, I am happy that I learned that early on.

Because, your friends are your support group. They will inspire you. They will uplift you. And they will influence you. So choose them wisely. How would you know if that friend is really your friend?

Discuss IDEAS. Talk about his or her perspective on life and why the world is round and not flat. You will see if that friend is worth your time or not.

5. Prioritize curated content.

To curate means to carefully select. Since you’re an artist, you usually get influenced by what you consume. Whether it be through fashion, cinema, or pop culture, you have to make sure that everything you absorb, is worth it. Don’t just read a book cause everyone is reading it. Don’t just watch a film cause your friend says it’s nice. Carefully select what you feel is beneficial to your soul.

I curate my content through asking questions. After any article, film, music video, or even wedding SDE, I ask myself: “What did I learn from this?” If there’s no moral, then it doesn’t deserve a spot on your curated feed.

So there you have it, those are five important lessons that I learned so far. I hope my article somehow inspired you to think outside the box. 

If you have any thoughts and realizations with what you read, please do leave me a message. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

With Love,








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