The One Thing I Wish I Had

The problem with me is that I have no time. If the genie from Aladdin would give me three wishes, all I would ask for is: time, time, time.

Time to workout in the morning

Time to sit in Starbucks the whole day while reading gossip magazines

Time to write down all my expenses in one excel sheet

Time to read a book and not feel guilty afterwards

Time to watch a TV show and get addicted to it

Time to write on my blog (oh wait, I’m trying to do it now)

Time to try that new hipster cafe that probably is exactly like all those hipster cafes

Time to catch up with my weird friends (who I haven’t seen in ages)

Time to watch all those beauty tutorials on Youtube that I probably will never understand

Time to learn how to cook a nice meal aside from Egg and Hotdog

Time to speak with someone I never spoke with

Time to look for a nice potential pet

Time to flirt with an afam

Time to study abroad

Time to check if my grammar is write or wrong

(If you get it….)

But despite my shortcomings in maximizing my time, the one thing I wish I had was knowing it sooner.

Today, I am 22. Next year, I will be 23. In 10 years, I will be 32. And then 42, 52, 62, 72?

What would I be doing in my life? 

I know that I have no time.

So, I will try to make time.


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