Here’s Why I Want To Visit Calaguas AGAIN

“Blue Crush” is the movie that made me want to be a surfer slash island girl. For obvious reasons, I never became a surfer (since I’m not a strong swimmer), but I did pursue my passion for the beach. I’ve always loved the sound of the waves and the texture of the sand on my feet. And I wasn’t scared of the “baka umitim ka” threats, because I was already bronze to begin with.

So when I heard about the beautiful island of Calaguas, I had to visit the place asap! Here are some reasons why I fell in love with the place:


It’s the best place to muni-muni

Before heading to the island, I asked my good friend about the signal of the place. She told me, “Meron naman! Aakyat ka lang ng bundok.” I thought she was kidding. Lo and behold, truth be told pala si teh.   There was zero signal (for Globe)! Siyempre very millennial yung nagreklamo ako ng slight. But after a while, I  realized the real reason why I was there. I was there to have fun and maximize the beach.

When I travel,  I always want to capture a nice photo for my article. Dapat perfect! Dapat makuha yung right angle. But with my trip to Calaguas, I realized the importance of  cherishing  every moment. Because you don’t get to witness the beauty of the ocean everyday! So I observed with my eyes and not with my lens, and it was such a refresher.

It makes you remember the simple things in life

Since the whole island has no electricity, prepare to be transported back in time! Mala Tom Hanks in Cast Away to. So after watching the sunset, I asked my friends, “So ano na plano?”

We had nothing to do. Instead of partying or flirting with afams (wala pang afam dun teh), we decided to go stargazing. Akala namin walang kwenta  eh, but no, It was FUN. We talked about life. We talked about our passions. We talked about our dreams. From our discussions, I told myself, “This is what makes life beautiful”.

That’s why I want to visit Calaguas again. I want to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re planning to book a trip as well then why not join a tour with me? I’m planning to visit again this year via Airscape Travels, Inc.!

Hope to see you there. 😉

Do you have any  travel suggestions and other concerns? I’d love to know! Send  me a message on Instagram or email me at perdigonbea[at]


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