Breaking the Feed


I barely post selfies (or anything about my personal life) on Instagram because I want to focus on my art. But as I’ve gone through the strict minimalist theme and white color scheme, I realized that first and foremost, “I am my art.”  Latey, I’ve been asking a lot of questions about my purpose and […]

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FLATLAY DREAMS: Letters To My Children


My mom used to write letters to me, ever since she found out that she was pregnant. Here’s an excerpt from her very first letter. May 17, 1993 Dear Baby, This morning, I went to have a pregnancy test, and that’s how I learned about you. You’re a miracle, anak. Mommy’s uterus was diagnosed to […]

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I Overcame My Creative Block and Here’s Why I Choose To #StayCreative

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Early this year, I had the WORST creative block in my life. I couldn’t write, sketch, style, or even sing (in the shower). I was depressed and in a bad dump. Thankfully, I was able to bounce back (I’ll share with you the full detailed plot soon). Those dark moments in my life actually pushed […]

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#StaycationFeels at Parque Espana

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If you’re a creative / artist like me, I’m sure you know that #thestruggleisreal when it comes to producing content for our jobs. Kaya, sometimes a staycation is the best answer for those stressful “di ko na kaya to bes” moments. And if you’re looking for a place to stay that’s cozy and practical, then […]

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The One Thing I Wish I Had


The problem with me is that I have no time. If the genie from Aladdin would give me three wishes, all I would ask for is: time, time, time. Time to workout in the morning Time to sit in Starbucks the whole day while reading gossip magazines Time to write down all my expenses in […]

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Here’s Why I Want To Visit Calaguas AGAIN

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“Blue Crush” is the movie that made me want to be a surfer slash island girl. For obvious reasons, I never became a surfer (since I’m not a strong swimmer), but I did pursue my passion for the beach. I’ve always loved the sound of the waves and the texture of the sand on my feet. And […]

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Here I am


Where am I right now? I stand in a better place than before. I may not be “there” yet, but I will try and try until I finally see my visions come to life. I’ve learned to accept that there will be shitty days wherein you just want to give up on your dream. But […]

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When I was six years old, I got lost at the department store of Mega Mall. I don’t remember the exact details of what happened, but I remember the reason why I spun around and headed to a different direction—I got distracted.     After an hour of being lost, my mother found me at […]

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